Installing WPO 2000


Wordperfect Office 2000 is a commercial office suite that I used briefly and do not recommend. I found that it ran poorly, was difficult to install and requires you to jump through hoops to get it running again after a system upgrade. It's basically just a Win32 app running under a modifed version of Wine.

After the purchase of Corel stock by MS, It appears Corel has pulled the plug on it's Linux version of WPO2000, they've removed the install script (necessary to install on Mandrake 8.x) from their website and any links on their site refering to Linux now point to the Xandros website (Xandros is the company that purchased Corel-Linux). If you see a copy of this for sale, download StarOffice for free instead, if you already bought it and want to use it with Mandrake 8.x, do the following:

1) Download and install the "compat-glibc7.2- ", it can be found on

2) Download the updated Corel install script from:

Follow the instructions in the Readme.txt. When done installing, log out of and back into KDE or Gnome for the WPO links to show up in your menu.

Remove "Running as root" nagscreen

Thanks to Richard A. McCormick who posted this one to the Mandrake newsgroup.

To remove the running as root warning, open the /usr/lib/corel/bin/wpolauncher file with a text editor and scroll about halfway down and remove the following section, save and exit:

# warn if user is running as root
if [ "`whoami`" = "root" ]
$KMESSAGE -escape -title "Warning: $name" -buttons '&Yes,,&No' -default '&No' "It is not recommended to run this program as user root. Do you wish to continue?" 2>/dev/null
if [ "$?" -eq "102" ]; then exit 1; fi

Printing Problems:

If you have trouble printing try changing the printer options in WPO from defaultlp,WINEPS.