SuperDisk (External)

If you have an External (Parallel port) SuperDisk make sure that you have your parallel port set to EPP mode in your BIOS. Avoid any modes that mention "ECP".

1) Open a console and type su to get root privileges.

2) You'll need to specify a new directory as the mount point for the drive. From the console, type (for example):

mkdir /mnt/ls120

3) Open the file named "fstab" in your /etc directory with a text editor and add the following line, then save and exit:

/dev/pf0 /mnt/ls120 auto user,noauto,rw 0 0

(run "man 5 fstab" for advice on appropriate options to put after "/mnt/ls120")

4) From a console type:

insmod parport
insmod paride
insmod epat
insmod pf

5) To mount the device, place a floppy in the Superdisk drive and type from a console:

mount /dev/pf0

(to unmount type: umount /dev/pf0)

If all's well you should be able to read from and write to your LS120 from the console or by opening the File Manager and navigating to the /mnt/ls120 directory.

6) You'll also want to load the modules at bootup. Using a text editor, add the following lines to the end of the "modules" file in /etc:


Getting Help:
If you have any problems setting up your external Superdisk please review the documentation at:

You can also get help here: