CDRW - IDE LS120 Fix

When I installed a CDRW I found I could no longer mount my Superdisk. Thanks to Paul Bristow the maintainer of the ide-floppy driver for sending me this fix:

Open the /etc/lilo.conf file with a text editor and where it says:

append="hdx=ide-scsi"change it to look like this:

append="hdx=ide-scsi hdx=ide-floppy"

(Change hdx to whatever the devices are for your cdrw and superdisk drives, to find out what yours are type dmesg in a console. Also, see "IDE Devices List" at bottom of page. You can also run "man 5 fstab" for advice on appropriate options to put after "/mnt/ls120")

For Grub:

Open the /boot/grub/menu.lst file with a text editor, where it says hd*=ide-scsi add hd**=ide-floppy.

IDE Devices List:

Windows Equiv.
Linux Equiv
IDE Chain Equiv
C:\ hda Primary Master
D:\ hdb Primary Slave
E:\ hdc Secondary Master
F:\ hdd Secondary Slave