Dial Up Modems and Linux

PCI Modems

There are currently only a handful of internal PCI modems (win-modems) that work with linux and to use them you'll have to download and install the drivers manually. PCI modems lack the hardware that comes with an external modem, to use an internal modem you have to have a driver that uses your pc's hardware to operate the modem and most modem makers are just not supporting Linux.....yet.

Certain PCI modems made with Lucent (now Aegere) chipsets have drivers available, the Actiontec modem for example is known to work in Linux:


Here are a couple of good sites regarding internal modems and Linux:



External Modems

Just about any external 56k modem will work with Linux.

Configure Your Modem

After attaching an external modem, with the modem turned on, use Mandrake's "Draknet" to setup your modem.

For more info on installing your modem and setting up your dial up connection go here: