Knode-Kmail Tips

Have Knode open Konqueror when you click on a link

Choose "Configure - Reading News - Viewer", under the Open Links tab choose
"Other" then add the line below to the box, click apply.

kfmclient openProfile webbrowsing

Have Kmail automatically check for new mail on startup

Right click on your Kmail icon, select Preferences, and in the Execute tab
page change the command:

kmail -caption "%c" %i %m


kmail --check -caption "%c" %i %m

Make Kmail open links

Go to the KDE Control Panel, "File Browsing - File Assoctions", select text, find HTML and choose to "Add" and then type:

kfmclient openURL %u

For Opera:

opera openURL %u

Kmail Bounce

If you use Kmail you can use the Bounce feature to combat spam. Bounce will send a fake undeliverable message to the sender in the hopes that they will remove you from their bulk mailing list. The Bounce option can be found under "Message" on the Kmail toolbar.