KDE 3.0 Tips

KDE3 has been released, it's really nice and very fast.  The following are quirks and annoyances that I found on my machine, you may not experience all or any of these depending on the version of KDE 3 that you install. Many of the bugs people are experiencing are not KDE bugs at all but packaging bugs that are usually found in .0 releases in the rush to get them to the masses.

Texstar has graciously built a set of rpm's that I highly recommend, they've been debugged and tweaked for speed. You can download them from here:


KDE2 and KDE3 Don't Play Nice

KDE 2x and 3 share the same /.kde directory, this caused problems for me when going back and forth between the two. I recommend just running KDE3, it's faster, much faster. From the command line cd to your /home/you directory and do:

mv .kde .kde-old

This will save your old .kde directory, KDE3 will recreate the .kde directory when you log back in and you will now get the full effect of KDE3.

Missing KDM After KDE3 Upgrade

If you removed KDE2 before or after installing KDE3 then you've lost your KDE login manager (kdm), or maybe you just want to use the new KDE3 kdm. To fix this:

1) Login to KDE3 as root from the command line by typing: kde3

2) Open up the KDE Control Center, navigate to System - Login Manager - Sessions. Add KDE3 under Session types.

3) Open up the /etc/inittab file with a text editor and change:

x:5:respawn:/etc/X11/prefdm -nodaemon


x:5:respawn:/opt/kde3/bin/kdm -nodaemon

This worked for me, if it works for you, you can remove the old kde2 kdm entry from the KDE Control Center if you like.

Adding KDE3 TO Your Path

After I uninstalled KDE 2, I found that I couldn't start KDE3 appz from the command line (ie; kedit, kpackage etc...). I fixed this by opening up my /home/me/.bashrc file with a text editor and where it says PATH= , I added: /opt/kde3/bin:

Xconsole At Startup

I started seeing the xconsole log appear at startup after I removed the kde2 base package. To fix this, open up the /etc/X11/xdm/Xsetup_0 file with a text editor and change the following from:

[ -z "$KDEDIR" ] && KDEDIR=/usr


[ -z "$KDEDIR" ] && KDEDIR=/opt/kde3

This got rid of the xconsole.

.kde and .kde3 directorys

I found that in my /home/me/ directory I had two directory's:

(containing user settings)


.kde3 (virtually empty).

This is no big deal but I found it annoying, if I deleted one or both of these, they would be recreated.

To fix this, open up the /opt/kde3/bin/startkde file with a text editor and make sure it reads:


Next, open the /opt/kde3/bin/startkde3 file with a text editor and make sure it reads:

export KDEHOME=$HOME/.kde

Make sure your user settings are in .kde and delete .kde3, that's it.