SuperDisk (Internal)


1) Open a console and type su to get root privileges.

2) You'll need to specify a new directory as the mount point for the drive. From the console, type for example: mkdir /mnt/ls120

3) Open the file named "fstab" in your /etc directory with a text editor and add the following line, then save and exit:

/dev/hdx /mnt/ls120 auto user,noauto,rw 0 0

(Change x to whatever the device is for your system, to find out what yours is type dmesg in a console. Also see "IDE Devices LIst" at bottom of page. You can also run "man 5 fstab" for advice on appropriate options to put after "/mnt/ls120")

4) To mount the device, place a floppy in the Superdisk drive and type from a console:

mount /dev/hdx

(Remember to change x to whatever the device is for your system, to unmount type: umount /dev/hdx)

If all's well you should be able to read from and write to your LS120 from the console or by opening the File Manager and navigating to the /mnt/ls120 directory.

IDE Devices List:

Windows Equiv.
Linux Equiv
IDE Chain Equiv
C:\ hda Primary Master
D:\ hdb Primary Slave
E:\ hdc Secondary Master
F:\ hdd Secondary Slave