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Getting Help



The newsgroups are a great place to find help. If you're new to Linux you probably have questions, these questions have probably been asked and answered before, so before you post a request for help to any newsgroup please take the time to scroll through the existing messages and have a look at the alt.os.linux.mandrake FAQ. You can also query Google Groups a newsgroup search engine for your topic.


1) If you want a fast response to your post, don't use a vague subject like "Help please", put a little blurb in the subject about the problem you're having, more people are likely to read this kind of post and someone who has had the same problem will be likely to read and hopefully answer your question(s).

2) Before posting to a newsgroup, add nospam to your email address after the @ (ie; re2fla@nospam.yahoo.com), otherwise you'll get spam.... and lot's of it.


1) The Linux newsgroups are non-binary, please do not post attachments. It's considered rude and you'll probably get flamed for doing so.

2) Unfortunately where there's newsgroups, there's Trolls. Trolls are people who like to cowardly insite flame wars, please don't waste the groups bandwidth by taking part in these. On the up side, the Mandrake newsgroup is one of the best I've ever subscribed to, it's full of friendly, knowledgeable people who are glad to help.

Help Resources:

For problems with installing Mandrake take a look at the Mandrake Errata to see if your problem has been addressed there.

Other great sites:

MUO Help Doc's



Linux Documentation Project