Disaster Recovery

So your system won't boot because Lilo is corrupted or you hosed your kernel and you didn't make a rescue disk, for the love of God... why didn't you create a rescue disk? No problem, don't reinstall, try the following:

The installation disk is your friend

Pop in the Mandrake installation CDrom, hit F1 to get to a prompt. Next type:


Next you'll be presented with the Rescue GUI and some options:

Re-install Boot Loader
Mount your Partitions under /mnt
Go to console
Doc: What's addressed by this Rescue

If your lilo is hosed, choose:

Re-install Boot Loader

Next you'll be presented with:

About to re-install Boot Loader of following Mandrake distro:
Mandrake Linux release 8.x for i586, ok?
<press Enter to continue, 'n' and Enter to cancel>

Hit enter to reinstall lilo then enter again after lilo is reinstalled to return to the Rescue GUI, choose reboot.

If you hosed your Linux box, you can get into your system and attempt to fix the problem(s) by choosing the following option:

Mount your partitions under /mnt

Then return to the Rescue GUI and choose:

Go to console

Next, type cd /mnt, there you'll find all of your mounted partitions and system folders.